Memorial Stationery

It’s often the first thing that guests experience at your funeral home, and often the last artifact the guests have to keep memories alive. Matthews Aurora™ offers an extensive array of stationery products including proprietary designs and personalization choices.

Popular Selections Include: Honoring Our Heroes Military Collection designed by Jonathan Field, EXCLUSIVE Artist Series featuring Lena Liu Designs, and more!

With our Personal Expressions™ stationery line, families can personalize bulletins and service folders with a loved one’s photo, name, and dates on select stationery sets to create a personal tribute.

With the new Matthews Aurora™ Funeral Solutions’ stationery personalization tool, friends and family can receive personalized memorial products as a token of remembrance. In just 3 easy steps, our free, easy-to-use tool delivers convenience and is compatible with the full stationery line.

  1. Select the stationery you wish to print- register books, service folders, bulletins, prayer cards and bookmarks
  2. Enter family and service data
  3. Preview and print

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