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Personalization allows you to create a customized remembrance that best represents your loved one’s interests, hobbies, associations and personality. Honor your loved one and tell their story through personal accents to their remembrance.

Corner Art

Celebrate Individuality – Personalized final tributes enhance our most precious memories. The thoughtful blending of personal memorabilia with a fitting environment helps create a moving ceremony that honors the individual as it tells a unique story. Corner Art is the ideal complement to a distinctive and eloquent farewell.

Personalized Portrait Panels and Embroidery

At the heart of any meaningful funeral is a truly personal remembrance – a celebration of what is unique about the person being honored. A personalized casket is the most visible way to reflect the special memory of a loved one. Select a personalized portrait panel or embroidered interior panel design to create not only a memorable service, but a heartfelt expression of a loved one’s life.

Caskets shown may not be available in all areas. Please inquire with your Funeral Service Consultant about product availability.