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The Artistry Collection™

Matthews Aurora’s Artistry Collection is a special collection of caskets crafted from the finest hardwoods and premium metals available today. Contact us to learn more about this unique and special collection.

Premium Metals

Crafted from metals known for their strength and beauty for hundreds of years, Matthews Aurora’s premium metal caskets convey an aura of elegancy and nobility. Metals including bronze and copper have been used for generations to craft our most majestic monuments and artistic tributes. Much like these marvels, Matthews Aurora’s premium metal caskets feature handcraftsmanship and artistry applied with great attention to every detail, including hand brushing and hand-applied, plush velvet tufted interiors. Some premium metals include a special interior bronze liner for additional security and peace of mind.

Premium Hardwoods

Matthews Aurora’s premium hardwood caskets offer the natural warmth and beauty of the finest hardwoods sourced from around the world, including majestic single-sourced mahogany from Africa, and black walnut, America’s finest premium hardwood. Much like luxury furniture made to last for generations, our premium hardwood caskets are crafted from woods carefully chosen for their allure and durability and are individually grain-matched to ensure each casket is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Exterior finishes are hand polished to protect and beautify. Some of our premium hardwoods feature hand-carved details indicative of generations of handcraftsmanship. This careful attention to detail makes Matthews Aurora’s hardwood caskets the finest available in the funeral industry.

Caskets shown may not be available in all areas. Please inquire with your Funeral Service Consultant about product availability.