Matthews Aurora™ offers the most extensive selection of high-quality products and services, and provides industry-leading solutions that help you grow your business. Our Funeral Service Consultants tailor programs to meet your needs and the needs of the families you serve, and partner with you to ensure that we are delivering on your expectations.

IF you want to offer families the industry’s best and broadest selection of high-quality products.

We deliver the broadest selection of high-quality products and specialty products when you need them. Matthews Aurora™ caskets are among the industry’s best, including our widely renowned hardwood caskets made from beginning to end in York, Pennsylvania.

Hardwood Caskets
Metal Caskets
Accommodations™ Enhanced Width Caskets
All Wood Construction
The Artistry Collection™

IF you want to educate cremation families about their choices for a meaningful goodbye.

We offer a comprehensive selection of beautifully crafted caskets, urns, jewelry, and keepsakes designed to give your families the meaningful goodbye they desire. When you choose to partner with Matthews Aurora™, you’re providing cremation families with unique options for a lasting remembrance.

I’ll Remember You®
Cremation Caskets & Containers
Rental & Ceremonial Caskets
Cremation Urns & Keepsakes
Memorial & Cremation Jewelry
Personal Expressions™ Jewelry

IF you want simple solutions to grow your business both in-person and online.

Matthews Technology Solutions offers a streamlined system that helps make serving families seamless. With robust digital merchandising tools and software programs for virtual arrangement planning, we help your business serve families the way they want to be served.

Technology Solutions

IF you want comprehensive programs proven to help grow your business.

At Matthews Aurora™, our solutions come in many forms. That is why we take pride in being your full-service funeral provider – by offering comprehensive programs to help benefit your business and the families you serve.

P3® Price Protection Plan
Technology Solutions

IF you want to develop a business growth strategy that works.

Our expert sales team uses Compass, our proprietary business analysis tool, to help funeral homes solidify business strategy, identify growth opportunities, offer families more choices, and maximize potential.


IF you require robust training that helps your employees excel.

Matthews Aurora’s professional development solutions offer an innovative curriculum designed to help your business successfully navigate the changing needs of today’s families. We offer the broadest selection of training courses in the industry, and our programs support and nurture the growth and development of your firm’s employees.

Professional Development

IF you want to impact local children’s charities in your community.

Matthews is proud to partner with our funeral home and cemetery customers to support child-focused charitable organizations in their local communities through the Matthews Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organization which supports local children’s charities across the United States.

Matthews Children’s Foundation